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New Musical Release: 2001 Spring – The Seal of The Super Planet Death Vulcan


“Light and Darkness, Darkness and Light, To Separate Them Is a Sin”

Sea of Serenity.Net is proud this very special 17th release on the birthday of Miyuki Kanbe, third generation Sailor Moon. This musical is the fourth and final addition to the Dracul Series which stars Miyuki Kanbe as Sailor Moon. This musical release is in tribute to her. With this, we also mark the first time that a full generation of Sailor Moon musicals have been consistently translated.

2001 Spring – Last Dracul Final Chapter – The Seal of The Super Planet Death Vulcan

(Last Dracul Saishuu Shou – Chou Wakusei Death Vulcan no Fuuin)

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Translator’s Notes

Death Vulcan’s arrival on Earth is imminent and even so, the Outer Soldiers have a falling out with Sailor Moon’s group when they decide to take a trip to Monaco. When a battle with Magi Saint Germain arises, Sailor Moon is forced to decide between her friends and the Silver Crystal. Now separated from her friends, Sailor Moon must figure out why her destiny is with the Silver Crystal and try and figure out whether Death Vulcan is really a companion of the Solar System or not in this thrilling Final Battle of the Stars and Planet, the Ragnarok of the Gods begins! This show is concludes the Dracul Series with many twists and turns and final revelations that only make sense in watching Winter 2000, Summer 2000 and Winter 2001. We recommend viewing these shows to get the most out of this Spring 2001 show. It also features the Super Revue Musical Show! Starring: Miyuki Kanbe as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Chieco Kawabe as Ami Mizuni / Sailor Mercury Megumi Yoshida as Rei Hino / Sailor Mars Yuriko Hayashi as Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter Ayumi Murata as Minako Aino / Sailor Venus Nao Takagi as Haruka Tenou / Sailor Uranus Yuuka Asami as Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Yuuko Hosaka as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Mario Tomioka as Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Kasumi Takabatake as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Hidemasa Edo as Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Yoshiya Yukimura as Mandrake Mari Yasuda as Mandrako Niki Ajima as Lycan Child Levi Kenji Tominaga as Dark Cain Yoshiki Hirao as Magi Saint Germain Miki Kawasaki as Olam Tiphareth Ado Endou as Roi Malkuth Noriko Yamakawa as Elyon Yesod Hikari Ono as Bloody Dracul Vampir Yuuta Mochizuki as Count Dracul …and Kazuma Inoue as Death Vulcan …with Nana Maria Okamoto as Vulcan Check out our Musical Downloads section for our other musicals!

New Musical Release: 2003 Winter ~ Infinity Academy ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Rev. Edition)


“Will we become victims of that hell-born light?”

Sea of Serenity.Net is proud to present it’s 16th Special Musical Release!

2003 Winter – Infinity Academy ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Revised Edition)

(Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Kaiteiban) )

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Translator’s Notes

Atavistic monsters appear in Tokyo and the Sailor Soldiers begin to investigate Infinity Academy, an elite academy owned by the mysterious Professor Souichi Tomoe. During their investigation, Chibiusa meets a new friend called Hotaru and Sailor Moon and her group encounter two new Sailor Soldiers… who attack them, the Sailor Soldiers become conflicted when they all have different opinions on how to deal with the new situation, meanwhile a group of aliens from Planet Grimm arrive to get the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon must figure out who among the People of Planet Grimm, the Death Busters and the new Sailor Soldiers are allies and who are dangerous enemies… This show is a retelling of the Infinity arc of the manga and is probably the musical which follows its manga counterpart most directly, even though it includes the Hoshino Family and reduces the roles of the Wtiches 5. Though perhaps not the best cast of the musicals, the plot’s fluidity and spirit more than enough makes up for it! Special footage of a bonus song from the Final Day included at the end! Starring: Marina Kuroki as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Mao Ohno as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Yuuko Hosaka as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Ruria Nakamura as Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Shuusuke Yoda as Barako Hoshino / Gallica Ado Endou as Hanako Hoshino / Centi Yoshiya Yukimura as Shintarou Hoshino / Damask Kaname Aoki as Professor Souichi Tomoe Miki Kawasaki as Kaolinite / Miss Kaori … and Chinatsu Akiyama as Mistress 9 Check out our Musical Downloads section for our other musicals!

New Musical Release: The Advent of Princess Kakyuu

updatesgraphic Sea of Serenity.Net is proud to present it’s 15th Musical Special release! This is an exciting release, as with 15 musicals, becomes the largest provider of full musical translations, (though only in actual shows since we have yet to subtitle bonus videos). We are therefore also now the largest active SeraMyu group. So make us your place for musical downloads!

2004 Winter – The Advent of Princess Kakyuu – The Second Stage Final

(Kakyuuouhi Kourin – The Second Stage Final)

Download it here! Don’t forget the translator’s notes!

“Please go forth! Soldiers of the Falling Stars”

Usagi and her friends go to visit Michiru who is preparing for her joint-concert with Three Lights but rumours of a Mysterious Phantom start appearing in the concert hall. One of the Dancing Animamates even claims to have seen it. Usagi finds that the Phantom seems to be targeting Hotaru and Mamoru rather than her! Soon mysterious new Sailor Soldiers show up but are they allies or enemies? Soon betrayals on all sides take action and Usagi finds herself in a position where she can only save the day by unlocking the mysteries of the Past. This show is the final installment of the Second Stage (Summer 1998-Winter 2004), and resembles the earlier Eternal Legend and Birth of the New Legend in its basic plot. However, this musical is very unique and special with all new twists and new perspectives. The core plot may be the same but it is as unique as any other show. This show is the 777th Sailor Moon Musical performance and the final musical to be choreographed by Akiko Yanagi who had been choreographer from the very beginning. This show serves as a wonderful tribute to lyricist Kayoko Fuyumori who passed away a few months prior to this musical’s staging. Featuring popular songs such as “Galaxia Gorgeous”, “Chasin’ After You”, “Seishun no Shoumi Kigen”, “Double Moonlight Romance”, “Toki Michite Kourin”, “Kakyuuouhi to Three Lights”, “See Me, Bokutachi no Jidai” and the brand new song which appears exclusively in this show and was never recorded “Teikou no Hana”. Starring: Marina Kuroki as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Ai Toyama as Princess Kakyuu Akiko Miyazawa as Phantom of the Concert Hall / Queen Beryl Yoshiya Yukimura as Hemahachirou Taitou / Hematite Miki Kawasaki as Kun Saitou / Kunzite Yuuko Hosaka as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Yui Iizuka as Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Moe Ohsaki as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Mina Horita as Chibichibi / Sailor Chibichibimoon Yuu Shirota as Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask Chinatsu Akiyama as Kou Seiya / Sailor Star Fighter Akiko Nakayama as Kou Taiki / Sailor Star Maker Mikako Tabe as Kou Yaten / Sailor Star Healer …and Yumie Sakaguchi as Sailor Galaxia

Site Update: More Myu lyrics added!

 Sea of Serenity now has the lyrics for Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu and KakyuuOuhi Kourin!  With this, we now have lyrics to all 13 of the memorial albums! The next task will be to songs exclusive to revised editions and spring musicals. After this we will go through all the songs in all the shows and include every version! But at this point, I think we can safely say, this is the most complete collection of SeraMyu lyrics on the internet!   Note: Kakyuuouhi Kourin’s lyrics are pretty hard to find out there! I suggest you bookmark us for reference. 😉

Check out the lyrics in our Sera Myu Lyrics section!