New Musical Release: 2003 Winter ~ Infinity Academy ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Rev. Edition)


“Will we become victims of that hell-born light?”

Sea of Serenity.Net is proud to present it’s 16th Special Musical Release!

2003 Winter – Infinity Academy ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Revised Edition)

(Mugen Gakuen ~ Mistress Labyrinth ~ (Kaiteiban) )

Download it here

Translator’s Notes

Atavistic monsters appear in Tokyo and the Sailor Soldiers begin to investigate Infinity Academy, an elite academy owned by the mysterious Professor Souichi Tomoe. During their investigation, Chibiusa meets a new friend called Hotaru and Sailor Moon and her group encounter two new Sailor Soldiers… who attack them, the Sailor Soldiers become conflicted when they all have different opinions on how to deal with the new situation, meanwhile a group of aliens from Planet Grimm arrive to get the Silver Crystal and Sailor Moon must figure out who among the People of Planet Grimm, the Death Busters and the new Sailor Soldiers are allies and who are dangerous enemies… This show is a retelling of the Infinity arc of the manga and is probably the musical which follows its manga counterpart most directly, even though it includes the Hoshino Family and reduces the roles of the Wtiches 5. Though perhaps not the best cast of the musicals, the plot’s fluidity and spirit more than enough makes up for it! Special footage of a bonus song from the Final Day included at the end! Starring: Marina Kuroki as Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon Mao Ohno as Chibiusa / Sailor Chibimoon Yuuko Hosaka as Setsuna Meiou / Sailor Pluto Ruria Nakamura as Hotaru Tomoe / Sailor Saturn Shuusuke Yoda as Barako Hoshino / Gallica Ado Endou as Hanako Hoshino / Centi Yoshiya Yukimura as Shintarou Hoshino / Damask Kaname Aoki as Professor Souichi Tomoe Miki Kawasaki as Kaolinite / Miss Kaori … and Chinatsu Akiyama as Mistress 9 Check out our Musical Downloads section for our other musicals!

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