NEW RELEASE: PGSM Live Action – Act 03 & Act 04




“I always knew that there was a reason for my powers…”

Usagi and Ami investigate a series of missing persons cases and try to figure out the pattern. Meanwhile, Usagi learns of rumours of the shrine priestess (Keiko Kitagawa) who puts curses of people. But, when Usagi visits the shrine, she realises that this girl is, her supernatural powers aside, a normal girl… or is she?





“Are you… perhaps… afraid of being companions?

he daughter of a Sakuraki Conglomerate is holding a birthday party where she will show off a never before shown jewel. Luna finds it suspicious and suspects it may be the Princess and Illusionary Silver Crystal they are looking for. Usagi, Ami and Luna decide to investigate the party. Meanwhile, Usagi is trying to figure out how to get Rei to accept her and Ami as friends after she says she wants to work alone. When a youma attacks going after the crystal, Moon, Mercury and Mars learn to work together to beat their foe.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a 49-episode live-action remake of the popular “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” series by Naoko Takeuchi. Under the pen of Yasuko Kobayashi, these familiar characters live different lives from their former counterparts but are still recognisable as the beloved characters of the anime, manga and musicals. There are several deviations and plot turns in this series. For fans of the Sailor Moon series, this is a real treat. SeaofSerenity.Net is proud to release an all new DVD rip translated version of this series. Look forward to new release every week!  


  1. Huh. Good on you guys for doing PGSM. I was in the middle of doing my own translation of PGSM, but seeing as you’re doing it, I think that frees me up from doing it. But a few questions/suggestions:

    1.) Why the avi format? Most fansubs these days use the mkv format to keep the video quality as high as possible. Are you afraid someone will use your scripts? And if so, why?

    2.) Your subs are under the overscan, which means they’re too low on the screen. I don’t know what subbing program you use, but if you use Aegisub, then this can be rectified by going to Video > Show Overscan Mask and adjusting your Style to be above the blue section.

    3.) What are you planning to do with Ami’s conundrum in episode 5? I’m speaking of course about the name thing. At the end, she relents and calls Usagi by her name plus “-chan”. I know the common way to handle “-chan” is to turn the person’s name into a cutesy nickname, but that doesn’t fit Ami’s style of speech or personality, which is why I’m curious how you’d handle it.

    1. Thank you very much for watching our translations! We value your input. We’ll respond to your questions one by one.

      1.) We have experimented with a variety of video styles. AVI, in our personal experience, has been far more universal and has had a higher success rate over different devices and players than MKV does. Especially as MKV takes more processing power than AVI. AVI simply reduces the chances of things going awry. We have softsubbed subtitles planned for the future but there are very few people working on this project and we simply can’t do everything at once. These softsubbed subtitles are likely to be MKV. This has nothing to do with “stealing scripts”. Scripts will be (and have been) given on request as long as the person has good reason for wanting them.

      2.) We are aware of overscans and also do use Aegisub. Though many of our musical releases have issues with overscans, our live-action releases should not. However, it is possible that some things may slip from under our radar especially where letters like “g” and “y” are concerned. This is most likely to have occurred where the line was changed late in the editing process. If you find any lines significantly over the overscan, please let us know which ones and we’ll fix it for future releases. That said, we are confident that the vast majority of lines are above the overscan mark. However, we have had issues in the past with overscan marks on aegisub not being the same on different computers which is something we haven’t been able to explain.

      3.) We will be translating “Tsukino-san” and “Usagi-chan” as “Miss Tsukino” and “Usagi” respectively. We feel Miss Tsukino is appropriate for the context of the characters and the episode. Tthe important part of the translation is the transition from distant speaking to familiar speaking, that is, the switch from the family name to given name with “-chan” being more linked to the age and gender of the characters.

      Translations can never truly account for every cultural and language aspect that occurs, instead we prefer to represent these ideas where possible using English unless, of course, it is a specific name that is unique to Japanese culture, such as “uirou” in a recently translated episode. The number of “quirks” in the Japanese language far extends beyond honourifics, despite this, many translation companies these days, for a variety of reasons, tend to include them. This is a relatively modern trend and has been a point of contention. Our translation style does not agree with the inclusion of honourifics as we feel that it loses accessibility and flow of the translation. That is not to say including honourifics is wrong in any way. Simply personal decision of the translator.

      By all means, if you wish to translate the live-action series, there is no need for you to not translate it on our part. Translations are shaded by whoever is translating the work and therefore, different audiences will be more suited to a different kind of translation. Perhaps your translation will be more palatable to different people over what we produce.

      Again, thank you for your feedback and we hope we have answered your questions clearly. If you have anymore, please feel free to email us at “”

      1. I am personally really glad to see you doing hardsubs! I have a pretty hard time figuring out the .mkv format, so one of my biggest issues with Miss Dream is their insistence on constantly using it. If someone really wants a .mkv, Miss Dream already has all of PGSM subbed. I think Sea of Serenity is filling a gap for those of us who don’t want to download a separate program that can watch .mkv.

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