NEW RELEASES: PGSM Live Action – Act 11 & Act 12



updatesgraphic_pgsm12 PGSM_Act11_0160 PGSM_Act12_0493 ACT 11: WE GOT TO MEET THE REAL MINAKO! “Why…is that girl Sailor Moon?” After learning that Minako Aino was hospitalized, Usagi decides to go visit her in the hospital to wish her well, much to the dismay of Luna and Rei. Makoto tags along and the pair sneak in together. Causing some trouble, Usagi and Makoto get to meet Minako. Meanwhile, Luna, Ami and Rei are researching about Sailor V and discover a website inviting Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter to a Planetary festival with the special guest being V. They go to investigate it only for it to be a trap! ACT 12: SAILOR V’S TRUE IDENTITY IS THE PRINCESS! “It’s okay to laugh like this…Even as a Guardian…” Minako is confused about why a girl like Usagi is Sailor Moon, but is attacked by the company President before she has much time to think about it. While going back to get her autograph, Usagi bumps into Minako thinking she is trying to escape again to have a day off. They end up spending the day together.  Minako finally decides its time to reveal herself. Zoisite is dealing with strange memories sparked by meeting Tuxedo Mask.

Fill in your weeks without Crystal with the live-action series!

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