New Sailor Moon Musical Project Update

Finally, some Sera Myu news! has announced an update on the 2019 New Musical Project. As you can see, with a quick Google translate, the story will be based on the The Lover of Princess Kaguya (Kaguyahime no Koibtio) short story from the manga, which we all know was also the basis for the Sailor Moon S movie.

With this announcement, they have also pushed back the date to summer 2020. 

Original article here:

This will be the first time this story has been adapted to stage. What are you looking forward to about this future musical?


    1. So far we only know officially, “You’re My Universe”. However Riko Moon had a live on Instagram today and from things she said, we’ve been able to gather that the final battle song is “The Starry Heavens” but not much else. Hopefully, we’ll either get titles when the international stream happens or the bluray/dvd is released!

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